2017 November Workshops

International Eyelash Extension Business Startup Training Workshops

International Hot Waxing Training Workshops


are in San Diego 

You want to have your own Salon? But you don't know where to begin? 

Here is the answer for you!


Certified and experienced eyelash extension instructor & entrepreneur, Vanessa Lin is coming in November 2017! With 10 years of experiences, now she is sharing her OWN theories, skills and experiences to others to allow them to become a successful technician and entrepreneur. 


She has been holding lash extension and business startup workshops for years and provides various level and types of workshops for the beginners to advanced students.


She was able to expand her business from apartment based scale to a professional beauty salon "Kinjou Lashes Beauty Studio" in Vancouver with five passionate beauty professional trained by herself. She also established her own eyelash extension workshops and training programs for those who seek to enter the beauty industry. She constantly introduces innovative cosmetic techniques into Canada, such as Waxxxx, 6Ds Volume Eyelash Extension, Mircor blading - 6D Eyebrows, Inner Eyeline, Crystal Lip and etc.



International Eyelash Extension Business Startup Training Workshop

  2017 Nov 25 + 26  

Within two days, we will guarantee to cover all the requirements and trainings in depth. The course content includes: 


- Professional Kit Content (Tools introduction)

- Product Information

- Different Eyelash Extensions Techniques

- Natural Lash Growing Cycle

- Extensions Application

- Eye Shapes Analysis

- Special Techniques

- Sterilization, Disinfection and Safety

- Precautions Prior to Appointment

- Eyelash Extensions Maintenance

- Frequently Asked Questions

- Eyelash Extensions Procedure

- Mannequin and Real Model Practice Time


ANYONE and EVERYONE are welcome! 


We ensure everything you learn in this program is credible and reliable.


Get hands on training by the most professional and talented beauty technician/ entrepreneur.  


Build both a firm knowledge, theories, and practical skills, and be ready to open your own lash extension business. 


Attend workshops and become a certified and skilled technician!



International Hot Waxing Training Workshop

  2017 Nov 27 + 28  

We invite and welcome all the potential students to the new revolution of waxing! 


Vanessa one of the most talented beauty technicians/ entrepreneurs is introducing new techniques HOT WAXING from WaxXXX through workshops in San Diego.  


WaxXXX is a wax that is X-TRA STRONG to remove hair, X-TRA SOFT texture on the skin and X-TRA SMOOTH skin after the hair removal. It is less painful and we DO NOT use wax paper to rip off your skin and hair! WAX ONLY! We provide Pre Wax Care to Post Wax Care with our own lotion and gel products which makes the waxing process PERFECT and SAFE. In Pre Wax Care products, allow to create a protective barrier for the skin, preparing the skin for waxing and easy release of wax & hair. In traditional waxing, this process is not included which allows the skin to be damaged and causes wax bruises. In Post Wax Care, we use soothing gel, moisturizing lotion, and oil to relieve the skin, remove toxic congestion, reduce redness of the skin and reduce dilated capillaries from waxing. The after care is essential in waxing because it might result of infected ingrown hairs, infections, burns and scarring. We are providing the safest and fullest service to the customer.

Another amazing thing about the new technique is that wide range of options for wax. In traditional waxing, wax's types are chosen by the area where the customer likes to get waxed. However, we provide variety of wax types for different hair length. For example, there are wax that are suitable for long coarse hair, suitable for short coarse hair, ingrown hair and stubborn fine hair, suitable for sensitive skin and etc. We select wax based on the customer's hair conditions and the length. We are providing customized service for each customers which make them and us special. The premium-quality wax and the products are from France at an affordable price to develop new business with higher profit margins.


Additional to the basic skills, we also provide different styles of bikini and Brazilian waxing such as the love heart, the landing strip and etc.


You can't attend the workshops because you don't have tools or mannequins for eyelash extensions or wax and care products?

The student kits are all included! They worth $1,000 for each workshops!


Mira Mesa, San Diego

Detail address will be announced to the signed up students later.


Eyelash Extension Training Workshop: 2017 November 25 + 26

Hot Waxing Training Workshop: 2017 November 27 + 28


  • Eyelash Extension: USD$ 2000

  • Hot Waxing: USD$ 1500

  • Take Both at the same time: USD$ 3000   SAVE $500


  • Eyelach Extension: $1500   SAVE $500

  • Hot Waxing: $1200   SAVE $300

  • Take Both at the same time: $2500   SAVE $1000


Are you amazed by our offers?

Well the surprise does not end HERE


We are opening a brand new store at San Diego! We are offering  job opportunities to students who are attending the workshops in November to become eyelash and wax technicians! 


You can kill two birds with one stone! 


We guarantee that it will be an eye-opening and valuable workshop for all of you. 

You will not regret it