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Eyelash Extension Business Startup Training Program | 睫毛接嫁創業班

$4000 / $3000 +tax

Invest 12 consecutive Sundays, get certified and be ready to open your own lash extension business!

All levels welcomed: total beginner, salon owners looking to expand service categories, and technicians looking to upgrade their knowledge & skills & speed!

We ensure everything you learn in our program is credible and reliable. Our main instructor, Vanessa Lin, has spent innumerable hours studying, researching, practicing, exploring, questioning, running into walls, replanning, testing, either failing or progressing, and repeating said. This cycle continues until the theories and techniques are absolutely effective and efficient. To guarantee that each newly developed concept meets expectations, she consults medical professionals, doing so to assure every little detail and concern is put into consideration.

Get hands-on training by the best in town, to become an eyelash extension technician & esthetician who knows what she’s doing & why! Build both a firm knowledge, theories, and practical skills, and be ready to open your own lash extension business!

Student Kits
This Student kit of great value includes all the tools and materials you need to complete this training program, for tons of hands-on practices, and still good for making lots of full sets to your clients!


Additional Gift
Register and get a FREE MANNEQUIN HEAD WITH EMBEDDED LASHES added to your student kits! Limited Quantity!

This mannequin head is reusable, washable, and allows you to practise eyelash extension, lash removal, cleaning, massaging, and demo processes the exact same way you would do on real persons -- saves you lots effort booking for free models!

Upcoming Classes

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105- 223 West Broadway Vancouver BC Canada V5Y 1P5

Tuition Fee

* Original: CA$ 4000 + tax

* EarlyBird: CA$ 3000

Online Registration:


歡迎所有人參加: 不管您是沒做過的新手,沙龍業主尋求擴大服務類別,或是想進步升級知識、技能及速度的美睫師們,都歡迎來參加課程唷!

我們保證您在課程中所學到的知識都是可靠可信的。因為我主導師 Vanessa Lin 在這個領域,花了無數的時間學習、鑽研、練習、探索、質詢、碰壁再重新嘗試,不斷測試,從失敗中再進步,經過好幾次的循環,直到找到絕對有效及快速的技能及理論。為了保證每個新的概念符合期望,她諮詢過專業醫療人士們,以確保每一個細節都掌握到。



快來註冊並獲得免費的人體模型頭與嵌入式睫毛,「額外添加」到您的學生套組喔! 數量有限,及早註冊!

這個人體模型頭是可重複使用、清洗的。並讓您在練習接睫毛、卸睫毛、清潔,按摩和接嫁過程與真人感相同。 節省您大量預訂免費麻豆的時間!




105-223 West Broadway Vancouver BC Canada V5Y 1P5


* 學費:CA$ 4000 + 稅
* 早鳥報名:CA$ 3000 +




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