2 bottles per order

30 pc per bottle


Clean and Care

The ultra fine structure is especially designed to be used on the delicate skin around the eyes. Removes dirt, pollutants and any makeup, and will also prolong the life of eyelash extensions by conditioning and resoring moisture. 


100% alcohol free and oil free.

JOVISA Moisturizing Remover Pad (PVA Materials) (2 bottles per order)

SKU: C000900002
  • Secure lid tightly after each use. Shelf life when opened is best used within 3 months. If skin irritation or discomfort occurs please discontinue use, and contact a dermatologists.

    Keep in dry, cool place and avoid direct sunlight.

  • Gently wipe face and eye area with cleansing pad, removing dirts and oil trace of face and eye makeup.