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15g per bottle

5 bottles per order

Made in Japan


Contains wheat germ oil:

  • Natural Vitamin E
  • Gentle to natural lashes
  • Do not sting eyes



  • 優質天然維生素 E
  • 成份溫和不傷睫毛
  • 卸除時不刺激眼睛

JOVISA Glue Remover Paste (5 bottles) - Pre-Order

SKU: D003100001
    1. Appy to the area where the eyelash extention attached to the natural lashes.
    2. Cover it with plastic wrap and wait for 5 min.
    3. Remove the plastic wrap and use micro brush to lightly remove the extented lashes


    1. 均勻塗抹在要卸除之假睫毛與真睫毛的接觸部分上。
    2. 再覆蓋保鮮膜,靜待約5分鐘。
    3. 取下保鮮膜後,用棉籤輕輕推開即可輕鬆卸除。