The Golden Eagle Lash Isolator tool will replace your tweezer used to separate the lashes! This tool makes it easier to separate and isolate the lash when applying lash extionsoin. It will help increase your speed and efficiency!


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A gift in the eyelash extension world --------- Golden Eagle Lash Isolator ✨


When using the Golden Eagle Lash Isolator, there is no need to tape up the eyelids to see the roots. It is very gentle and easy to use after practice. Your speed will increase and you will find it easier to separate the eyelashes.


How were Golden Eagle Lash Isolator created?

Gloria Tseng, a Taiwanese lash technician, has created this unique technique and tool.


Tseng, although a veteran lash technician, she found difficulty in stabilizing her left hand. The left hand is used to separate the natural lashes during application. She wanted to find an easier, more convenient way to separate the lashes.


After multiple trials, she finally created a personalized tool that works for her. She took an ordinary toothpick and put a bend on the tip. This worked better than the traditional way of separating lashes. The toothpick, being a temporary tool, Tseng needed to find something permanent. She began manufacturing the tool in stainless steel material with mirror plating for easy use.


This innovative product is available for international countries to experience! Tseng does demos and lessons teaching her signature technique and product. Hundreds of students sign up for the workshops.


ARTISTIC EYELASH Golden Eagle Lash Isolator

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