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Professional Carry Box 1
Mannequin Head with lashes 1
Royale Mink C 0.07t mix 1 tray
Roayle Mink C 0.15t mix 1 tray
Roayle Mink CC 0.15t mix 1 tray
Roayle Mink CC 0.20t mix 1 tray
Star Black D 0.15t mix 1 tray
Pink Glue (5ml) 1
Ex-Grade Glue (7g) 1
Liquid Remover 1
Gel Remover 1
TS-12 Tweezer 1
TS-15 Tweezer 1
Air Blower 1
Scissor 1
Face Masks 5 pc
Spa Headbands 2 pc
Glass Bottle for Liquid Remover 1
Towels 2 pc
Micro Brush 1 case
Q Tips 1 case
3M Tapes (wide) 2 rolls
3M Tapes (narrow) 2 rolls
Double Sided Tapes 50 pc
Lashes Wands 50 pc
Collagen Eyelash Cleansing Cotton (100% non-woven) 1 case of 115 pc
Lash Primer (100ml) 1
Pure Hydrogel Eyepatch 10 pairs

Eyelash Extension Beginner's Kit - PRE-ORDER