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1 Day Eyelash Extension Advanced Improvement Training Course | 一天美睫手法导正班

$850/$750+ TAX

Did you spend a fortune on an Eyelash Extensions Training Course but still struggling with technical problems? Are you feeling stuck or slightly depressed but determined not to give up?!
Great!! We can help you!!

KINJOU - Advanced Improvement Training Course

Bring your skills to a New Level! We provide theories that build firm knowledge and practical skills that improve confidence!

⚡️ Please choose a level suitable for you when you register for Course : Classic(one on one) OR Volume

Special offer: Introduction to Eye Analysis Training (included in this Course, Original cost of $500)

Specially Invited:  Instructor Lynn - Specialist in Eye Shape Analysis.

Training Course is designed to improve the following difficulties / techniques:
☑️ Eyelash Extensions falling very fast
☑️ Customers complain that extensions look very messy only after a few days
☑️ After very careful application, customers still experience stinging or itching
☑️ Challenge finding clients’ inner corner / outer corner of eye
☑️ Mastering eyelash glue! Understanding the secret to adhesives - glue control to ensure extensions are neat, clean and lasting
☑️ Creating volume for customers with fewer mature natural lashes
☑️ Correcting body positioning to avoid back pain and eyesight problems
☑️ Analysing eye shape at a glance
☑️ Perfecting eyelash extention layers
☑️ Creating the perfect Fan shape
☑️ Choosing the right thickness, length and curve for customers.
☑️ Correctly using tapes and eye patches
☑️ Avoiding tearing when doing lash service
☑️ Removal for refill customers

10:00-13:30 - Theoretical Improvement Session
14:10-15:00 - Practice on Mannequins
15:10-15:40 - Effective Removal Demonstrations
15:40-17:40 - Supervised Practice on Live Models
17:40-18:00 - Q&A Session


* Original: CA$ 850 + tax

* Existing Student: CA$ 750+ tax

TOOLS YOU NEED TO BRING: (We will provide manniquins for practice)

-One on one Classic Level :

1 Classsic Tweezer, 1 Lash Isolator , Adhesive, Glue Palette, Lashes you normally use with all curls( 0.15 thickness and Mix length), Sanitizers, and other tools you use for Lash Extensions


- Volume Level:

1 Tweezer for Volume Lash, 1 Lash Isolator, Adhesive, Glue Palette, Lashes you naormally use with all curls(0.07  thickness and Mix length), Sanitizers, and other tools you use for Lash Extensions

☑️ No recording video or sound is allowed.
☑️ Please bring your notebook, pencil, tools for your eyelash extensions and a live model.
☑️ Live models can arrive @3:30pm, model can’t stay during class.

☑️ Please choose a level suitable for you when you register for Course : Classic(one on one) OR Volume




👍👍👍課程內容 加碼放送!
教妳輕鬆快速上手 !












⚡️我才接完一個人就眼花繚亂、腰酸背痛,我的姿勢和環境 哪裡出問題?🤷🏻‍♀








10:00-13:30 專業知識觀念加強
14:10-15:00 學生假人頭嫁接
15:10-15:40 卸除睫毛流程示範
15:40-17:40 學生真人操作及導正
17:40-18:00 老師講評及小叮嚀



* 學費:CA$ 850 + 稅
* 旧学生報名:CA$ 750 + 稅


-基礎單根:接睫毛夾子,撥毛夾,黑膠,工作台,平時在使用的0.15各長度捲毛, 消毒用品,和其他平時慣用的產品用具. ​

-開花系列:開花夾,撥毛夾,黑膠,工作台,平時在使用的0.06各長度捲毛, 消毒用品,和其他平時慣用的產品用具.






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